Lecturer Support

We ascertain what the customer is currently using , what their additional needs are, and what other materials we might offer to suit their needs. Thereafter, we shortlist a catalog of suggested material for review by the customer.


Direct Book Orders

We facilitate direct book orders on any scale, including e-books from selected publishers. Submit your *requests* in order to generate a proforma invoice, usually within 48 hours.

Technical, Professional and Reference Titles

Set up a library of reference resources for you, your employees and your organization. We can send a *custom catalog* of titles to you for review in your area of business/expertise. We represent a number of publishers and can source and select the industry leading titles directly for your staff/organization.

  • 1 hr

    Service is Free
  • We facilite direct book orders on any scale

    1 hr

    Prices Vary
  • Set up a library of references resources for you and your employees

    1 hr

    Free/Prices Vary