Chaphil & Associates Limited trading as "C&B Associates" is a registered limited liability company registered with the Companies Office of Jamaica. We are also are tax compliant company, regularly filing returns with the Tax Administration of Jamaica. For more details contact us.

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the foundation for additional business – for both expanding existing business and acquiring new business. This is a key element as it has a higher probability of both short-term and long-term success!

In this new world of software as a service, subscription models, cloud anywhere and everywhere, social media, always on media, information overload, and lots of competitors all vying for the customer’s business, you must provide exceptional service.

To expand our current customer base and receive referrals from those customers, there is one basic tenet, one sure fire way to accomplish both – create an exemplary customer experience.

Market Understanding

We understand our market and our customer’s additional needs and how to help them solve them, as well as or better than the competition. We focus on ways that expand our footprint by assisting our customers in solving additional resource problems.

We map what the customer is using today, what their additional needs are, and what other material we might offer to suit their needs. 

phillip bowie.jpg
Phillip Bowie
Founder and Principal

Phillip Bowie has more than 25 years of marketing and sales experience in the Caribbean book sales market, with a strong track record of driving profitable revenue growth, customer acquisition and retention. A natural leader and motivator, Phillip has built relationships with the key market players in the region

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Leon Chaplin
Business Development Manager

Leon Chaplin brings the technological expertise to the table with an accomplished background in Logistics, IT Management and Audio-Visual Marketing. He has lead teams in Business Process Outsourcing and Advertisement Production.